"Color the world beautiful!"

About Me... Jennifer Colligan Kuehne

How it all began...
I am a mother and an Artist.  Coloringwalls came
about when I was frantically searching for one more
birthday party game.  They became an instant hit
with the kids.  I am enjoying the creativity that these
inspire in me and my children.  I am designing more
all of the time and I am always looking for new ideas.
The Boogie doll has his own special story... you can
read more about his creation on the Boogie doll

Thanks to...
Next to my amazing, crazy, talented,
loving family and some really great
friends, my biggest support group has
been my local library.  

The common misconception...
The most surprising thing to me was how many people don't understand that my Coloringwalls are not
computer generated. We live in such a techno-driven society that it seems to be expected that everything is
clip art or digitally altered. Yes, I love my technology, and I do use it with great delight to scan and print
Coloringwalls, but I do not copy and paste clip art together to make my images. I find myself having to start
conversations with "
I draw the originals this (1'x4') size..." Yes, Coloringwalls are all original creations
drawn by me, with a pencil, a ruler, a marker, and my imagination. I have been drawing and creating
Coloringwalls for more than 10 years and I still love it!

Where the ideas come from...
Most of my inspiration comes from my children.  
two girls are big helpers.  The students from my
After School Arts & Crafts class are also a big
help.  I am always open to suggestion, so please
feel free to tell me if you have an idea!

Where I live...
I was born and raised
on Martha's Vineyard
Island. A few years
ago our family moved
to Centerville, on
Cape Cod.