What Are Coloringwalls?

Coloring Walls  are large coloring "pages" (to purchase) designed and drawn by
Cape Cod Artist Jen Kuehne and printed on white paper.  

Coloringwalls are available in two sizes,
1' tall x 4' long and the original 2' tall x 8' long.  

They can be taped to your wall or used on a large table or even on the floor.  

Coloringwalls provide hours of coloring fun for one or a group.

"Blank spaces left on the posters encourage children
to add their own artwork" (

Enjoyed at Schools, Libraries and parties.

I always welcome your advise and comments.  

Ask about special requests and custom designs for your school or organization.

Thank You for visiting my website...
Jen Kuehne
All designs are the property of Jennifer Kuehne.
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The Boogie Dolls cometh      

Written by J. James Joiner
Coloringwalls proudly named in's 2012 Gift
Guide: Top Educational Gifts

The Clean Up Game!

How to play…
The Clean Up Game
Any way you want!  

The Clean Up Game makes cleaning up a bit more fun and
breaks down a big job into something smaller and less

Children choose a card and perform whatever activity  
depicted on the card.  They might get a green
“Pick-Up” card
telling them to pick up something with fur, or maybe a red
“Take-a-Break” card telling them to make a fishy face.  

Personalize your cards by removing the ones that may not
pertain to your house or, by making up a few special ones
together on the blank extra cards included.  

Be creative and have fun with it.

Each deck of hand-drawn cards Includes:
1 Instruction card, 30 Pick-Up cards,
20 Take-a-Break cards, & 3 Blank cards.